Monday, November 19, 2012

Simple Pleasures

I am fond of saying I don't take photographs....I am given them. A rather straightforward statement which, upon further thought, sums up my approach to photography. Being aware of the world around you and the simple, everyday things in it can often lead to some wonderful images. Having your camera handy doesn't hurt either. Take this recent photo for example.
© David Toczko

I was visiting a friend last week and as we were standing in the kitchen drinking what was probably our third cup of coffee, I glanced over and saw this pitcher on the counter. A simple, ordinary object to be sure, but the way the light was coming through the window, the way the counter top reflected on the pitcher was what caught my eye.

I quickly grabbed my camera from my bag in the other room, raced back to the kitchen and fired off the shot. Those who know me will agree this is not an uncommon event, but can be a bit unsettling for anyone experiencing it for the first time. Especially if it is something as common as a pitcher. How many times had that scene played out? How many mornings had the sun streamed through that window and cast those shadows? Had anyone noticed? Had anyone stopped to enjoy the simple yet magical moment?

My football coach used to tell me to keep my head on a swivel, taking in the big picture and to see what was going on all around me. Little did I know it would carry over to photography. Our days are full of magical moments all around us if we just take the time to notice them. As a photographer, capturing and sharing these moments with others is the best part of what I do. 

So...what's the takeaway? Be aware of the world around you. Open your eyes (and mind) to those special moments and scenes happening all around you every day. Notice the gifts that are given you to capture and share no matter how fleeting. And, of course, keep your camera handy!

Happy Shooting